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Dead Lightning Distillery was started to preserve the memory of Skyler Montgomery.  He started skiing at the age of 2, was an excellent fisherman at 8, a welder at 12 and a moonshiner at the age of 18.  He passed away a few months after his 21st birthday.  Skyler was a gentle giant at 6' 7" tall.  He was a best friend to many, a great big brother and an overly generous, good hearted person.  His passing was a tragic loss for those that knew him. 

We named our distillery after Skyler's love of The Grateful Dead as well as moonshine, known as white lightning. 


Our original plan was to build all of the equipment and slowly self distribute our products to bars and restaurants in the Harrisburg area from our distillery in an old bank barn in Lemoyne, PA.  Our plans changed!  As of 11/20/2017, when I signed the lease, we renovated and opened in the old Coakley's Cigar Bar at 311 Bridge Street in New Cumberland, PA.  Renovations and equipment installations were completed hours before the Grand Opening on 3/3/2018, which would have been Skyler's 23rd birthday.  Still Hand String Band reunited and people from across the country came to see us and the show.  Opening day was incredible. 


Raise a glass to Skyler!  May his "SPIRITS" live on!


Thank you! 

Andrea Montgomery



Built by Tom Gribb



Dead Lightning Still Works

311 Bridge Street

New Cumberland, PA









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